Samadhi Expeditions | Andes Outdoor Experience
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Why Samadhi? According to the philosophy of Yoga, Samadhi is the last link in the path of a yogi. It means the appeasement of mind to live the ecstasy of intuitive experience. It represents the meditative state when we are able to break down the limitations of our mind to enter a state of pure consciousness, where everything is experienced as if it were the first time.


In Samadhi we take you to the most stunning sceneries of the South American Andes.

Our commitment is that you achieve a real connection with the environment. The experience on our tours is not limited to a simple static memory of a photograph, but it becomes a transcendental experience, which is to tune into the majesty of nature.


We want that when you stand in front of a Volcano you can become aware of it unsuspected energy and its millions of years.

We want you to experience the bliss of feeling small and part of something much bigger, more powerful and wiser.


Is not needed to be a practitioner of Yoga, meditation or other self-observation discipline to attend the Samadhi experience.

The only requirement is the desire to experience life intensely and above all, to love nature as much as we do.